These Are a Few of My Favorite Things

My book is young.   It hasn’t been in distribution a month yet, but I recently learned that it has made a difference.  I have made a difference.  I want to share a sweet moment with you.

Very recently friends lost their 49-year-old son suddenly to a heart attack.  I called and then sent a note along with the book, inscribed “This book may be more helpful to your friends, but it just came and I wanted to send you one.”

Whenever I hear of someone losing their child, it brings my day of loss right back.  My heart goes out to anyone who suffers a loss. I know it – it has happened to me.

My brother and I attended the memorial the next week.  We had not known the son and it was lovely to hear all the stories about his life and hear all his friends and brothers talk.  When my friend, the father, stood up to speak finally, he was very choked up  and unable to speak.  After a moment’s pause, he said “My friend Radha Stern just wrote a book called Griefprints and she sent it to me.  She said, “When you don’t know what to say….say Hello.”  And then, my friend said “Hello” to the group. And they all said “Hello” back.  And the difficult moment had passed.

I then realized that my book is helpful not only for those who want to help dear ones who are grieving, it is for everyone who needs grief help.  Though I designed it to help the helpers, there is so much in it for all of us.

When I heard my friend say “Hello” to the guests at the memorial, I said to my brother, “This moment makes all the work worth it.” I was touched deeply to my core that I had helped another person.

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