“Here We Go – Again!”

One of the very frustrating parts of the criminal trial in my son, Christopher’s, murder was the delays.  I’d get my mind around a date and think I was ready for it and then it would be changed.  Re-trenching when I have something all planned out is difficult for me.  This change in dates happened around six times before we actually went to trial.  Once, I showed up for a hearing in Oakland and the hearing had been changed to another date.  No one notified me.  I found out Mark James Taylor was out on bail only because I called my victim advocate to find out about a court date (she was supposed to call me).  I felt like the biggest job in my life– being there to represent my son, who could not defend himself, would never start.  And, of course, I wished this all had never happened in the first place.

I never thought this would happen with Parole Hearings.  But here we go again; the date has been changed to July 26th at 8:30 in the morning.  Because of the change, my husband, Gary, will not be able to attend.  He has had a trip planned for over a year, and I want him to go.  The first Parole Hearing will be a formality, and I will be fine.  My two dear friends, Jaimee and Lorie will be coming, along with my darling daughter, Christina.

I am hoping that we will not have any more changes.  I want to get this experience behind me.  It looms on my horizon and I want it over!

In the meantime I will be writing my Victim Impact Statement and meeting with people familiar with the parole process to get ideas of what we will face in the Parole Hearing room at Avenal State Prison…..doing my homework!

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