“Goose bumps”

“There are no coincidences.” Karen Peterson, Medium – Life to Lite Support Center

My sister Michele has been very ill.  She was diagnosed with terminal cancer in June 15, 2009 and had two amazing years before things started to change.  On June 15, 2011, she was given two months to live, but was still going nine months later.

A week ago she started to decline and things became very hard for her and my sisters, who were taking care of her at home.  I started praying that Christopher would swoop down and scoop her up in his arms and spare her the end-of-life-difficulties. The rest of the family started to pray for this too.  It was a comforting thought and visual.

At 6 o’clock in the morning on March 21, 2012, the anniversary of my son, Christopher’s, death my sister, Sheridan, called, crying.

“Has she passed?” I asked.

“Christopher did it, he did it!” she kept saying.  “He came and carried her away.”

I had the biggest goose bumps I have ever had, all over my body.  I was immediately filled with relief, happiness and sadness.  I was so glad that Michele had been spared suffering. For me it was also an affirmation that you can have your prayers answered.

I know without a doubt that Christopher will take care of his Aunt Michele.  It also makes Christopher’s anniversary a more special day to share it with Michele.

Thanks to Christopher, I know Michele will rest in peace.


Michele & Radha

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