Book Update

It turns out that birthing a book is much harder than I ever thought.  My insistence on producing a lovely book has cost time.  After reviewing what were supposed to be the last two proofs, I saw that the color wasn’t luminous enough, so we had to change the paper, which added three weeks to the printing time.  Originally the books were to arrive May 20; now they should be shipping to you by June 20th.  I thank all of you for your pre-orders and your patience in waiting to hold the actual book in your hands.

Griefprints the book

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3 Responses to Book Update

  1. Antje Steinhoff says:

    Dear Radha,
    I am sure you did a great job. Thank you for being an example for me in enduring hard times and to turn the downsides of life into something to be proud of and also very helpful for others.
    Christopher stayed in contact to you and your family and is proud of you, I am sure about that.

    A big hug for you and all the best wishes for you. Get some rest after all.
    I would like to pre-order a book. I get it shipped to Germany and contact you about my adress. I am going to sread it here and the message. I told many people about your prison work.

    Antje with Jan, Maren and Lennart

  2. Kristin says:

    Can’t wait to hold it. Congratulations.

  3. Carrol Chrys says:

    I’m happy to wait.

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