“Unlikely Friends”

Last year I was approached about being in a documentary film “Unlikely Friends,” featuring people who have forgiven and become friends with their perpetrators.  I told the producer that I was not a good candidate.  I have forgiven my perpetrator, Mark James Taylor; however he has not taken responsibility for his actions: murdering my son, Christopher Robin Hotchkiss.  I hope someday, for Mark’s own sake, that he realizes the trauma he has caused.  But I will not be having Mark for dinner…ever.

I did encourage the producer to put both sides of the perpetrator/victim’s family in the documentary, because I felt it is very rare that you actually become “friends” with a perpetrator.  I also felt that it would be a better-rounded documentary if all sides were highlighted.  After some time, the producer asked me to be in the film.

“Unlikely Friends” documents victims of brutal crimes who, through forgiveness, unexpectedly befriend their perpetrators, and explores new possibilities for transforming our current prison system.

I spent two days with the producer, Leslie Neale, and her camera person, Paul Westmacott.  The first day started at my house, and then we filmed on a beach I like to visit.  The next day we filmed in San Quentin, which proved a very powerful and positive experience.

“Unlikely Friends” will be premiering in Los Angeles on April 27, 2013. I am honored to be included and to have made new friends…..in a different way.

I have attached the information if any of you live in the Los Angeles area and would like to go.

For more information, or to watch the trailer, you can use this link:



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