Christopher’s murder has taught me that patience is an important practice.  It allows you to relax and brings with it an openness that lets you to embrace whatever comes.  Patience is something I need to practice.  I am a very “do it now” woman.  I’d rather make a decision than not.  Procrastination challenges me.  I have learned to open my arms and heart to life to become more willing to let life and what it brings in.  It took me many years to get here.

Since my book “Griefprints – A Practical Guide For Supporting A Grieving Person” was published in June, 2013 I have had to constantly remind myself about being patient!  I wanted the book to make a huge splash in the world as soon as it was published.  I admit that part of this was ego.  But part was also concern for others.  I’ve learned about grief and helping grieving people and want “Griefprints” to offer this help to as many people as possible.

I have had lovely comments from people who have touched the book “It is beautiful.”  “It is a gem!’  “It is so well done.” “I read it and it made me happy.”

My favorite story is a blog piece I wrote about “Griefprints” and a man who lost his son:

I have given three author talks and book signings.  I love doing them.  I don’t get nervous.  It feels right; it is very comfortable for me and the audience questions stir wonderful interactions.  At the last reading a pediatrician raised his hand and questioned whether he had been kind enough with the parents he had to tell about their child’s death.  “I remember every single one of them,” he told us.  “And I hope I didn’t make it worse for the parents.”

I know this man, and told him, “You are such a kind person; I know you didn’t make things harder on the parents.”

I have also been asked to write articles for web publications such as, and  And the responses to these articles show me my book is needed.  Over thirty readers commented on my piece about losing Christopher on oxjane and comments are coming in on the grieftoolbox.

The Mill Valley Patch carried an article about me:

I’ve spoken about “Griefprints” on KCBS Community Corner and KPFA Up Front (my interview starts at 34:52).

But the splash hasn’t yet happened.  And I have to keep reminding myself that it took me 17 years to get here and it will take time for the book to get out there in the world.  What counts is that every single person it helps makes it worth all the love and work I poured into it.

Griefprints the book




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  1. Ethel Seiderman says:

    My dearest Radha
    I love you so much that my hearts burst with love and little hearts, like bubbles, come spraying out and touch each of us, seeking out especially those that need a spray to touch them and feel the often light touch or love.
    Patience – there you have touched our mutual lives. This Woman Warrior has called on Patience, Embrace, Inner Peace, a lot of Love from so many to let my Zen Girl Goddess “run the show” and do the Woman Warrior work from my Club House ( the 4 feet square that is my perch in the living room) , where all I need resides with me – my phones, my books, my address and appt books my essential oils, my favorite tapes that I play for comfort, peace and beauty, a shawl and an antigue 1950’s hassock from my next door neighbor/good friend Sue, and me in the center of all this. My love to you my delicious friend, soul sister, world-changer. Ethel xo

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